What started as an assignment in an undergraduate management class turned into a trilogy of books about Millennials in the workplace. Chip has moved the discussion about Millennials to effective conversations with Millennials. Perhaps the greatest compliment to his body of work is that the reading can be applied immediately after the turn of each page.


All of Chip’s books are research and solution based. Chip’s desire has been to move the conversation away from being about Millennials to being a conversation with Millennials.

Millennials Who Manage

Managing the Millennials

Discover the Core Competencies for Managing Today’s Workforce Second Edition details what differentiates effective from challenged managers when it comes to managing a younger workforce. The book details 9 competencies needed to successfully manage Millennials. The competencies work with all generations but they are exponentially important when working with younger workers. Buy Managing the Millennials on Amazon.

Millennials at Work

Millennials @ Work

The 7 Skills Every Twenty-Something Needs To Achieve Greatness At Work outlines the challenges Millennials report to face when transitioning into the workforce and what to about them. Chip shares 7 skills that can help younger workers overcome the roadblocks they face while launching their career. Buy Millennials @ Work on Amazon.

Managing the Millennials

Millennials Who Manage

How To Overcome Workplace Perceptions and Become A Great Leader delves into the trials Millennials face when they move into management and how they can overcome perceptions like being inexperienced or immature. Chip’s writing motivation was to give back to the generation that inspired him and gave him so much—the Millennials. Buy Millennials Who Manage.


If you are interested in going beyond an anecdotal discussion about Millennials, Chip gives a theoretical framework for discussing generations in the workforce.


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